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Biden widely ridiculed for saying $3.5T spending bill ‘costs zero dollars’

This is a very dumb PR push that could only be concocted by elitists with contempt for the American people.

President Biden tried to claim over the weekend that because his massive spending schemes are “paid for” by taxes – they’re not, but play along – then they don’t cost anything.

Well of course they cost something, and the taxes and debt that will be needed will be billed to this generation and the next.


The claim lit up social media. Even supporters disagreed with Biden.

As did opponents.


4 thoughts on “Biden widely ridiculed for saying $3.5T spending bill ‘costs zero dollars’”


    I have no idea where these people come up with these waste of taxpayer monies ideas! If there bills weren’t so over the top and long they might save millions of trees a year!!

    The numbers being thrown in this bill is so over the top my brain can’t understand!

    We are so lucky trillionaires, didn’t realize they existed!- are around to pay for this bill. Otherwise, my great- great- great- great…. grandchildren will still be paying for this monster!

  2. Sorry, for the multiple post.

    We really do have rampant, hyper inflation! Remember when Obama passed the $878 billion “job road ready bill” at start of his first term to repay everyone that got him elected? Majority of us outside of DC thought it was a huge bill at the time!

    Not anymore! Hyperinflation!

    It’s ok because DC promises not to spend anymore money after this bill is passed! And not for the next 10-20 years!

    Sorry they will tax the “ever living you know what out” of us to pay the interest alone on this thing!

  3. Heard on Maria Bartoromo this morning. $1T of the new bill will come from taxing C Corps. Ok folks, lets be serious. Everyone knows that the large Corps will simply raise the retail price on their product/service to cover the increased tax, hence the MIDDLE CLASS consumer pays for it. I writhe with fury when I hear Biden or other Dems talking about no cost to us. What is next, BOGO? Buy One, Get One Free? C’mon Man! These Dems actually believe we are that stupid… and if we nod yes to this…. we are.

  4. Yesterday on The Five, Dana Perino succinctly said that as press secretary she never would have gone to the podium with such a blatant manipulative lie.

    Remember when, on her first day before the press, a reporter asked Kaylee McEnany if she would ever lie at the podium?

    The press “cared” about the truth under Trump, but could care less under Biden. Sigh.

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