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WSJ’s Henninger: Joe Biden is a socialist

President Biden’s agenda is the most radical of any president in history. The Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger has decided to call it what it is.

From his piece:

The market-led economic growth of the Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton (he signed a bill cutting the capital-gains rate to 20% from 28% in 1997) and Trump years is irrelevant to Mr. Biden’s ideas about a heretofore unseen economy that “benefits everyone.”

Instead, he is the economy. He will “create” new jobs and even new industries. This refers to his proposed billions in subsidies for manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles and charging stations, and retrofitting homes and commercial real estate. By government order, current, carbon-intensive industries will disappear.

At a stroke, the Biden plan “lowers the cost” of daycare, child care, elder care, drugs, healthcare and education. All of this—identified without irony as “the cost of living”—is “paid for” by new taxes.

“State control of the means of production” means different things to different people, but I’d say this qualifies as socialism in America. Traditional Democrats wanted to “tame” the economy. Bidenism is replacing it.

Since the Democratic Party’s start nearly 200 years ago, socialism has passed through the party but never defined it. By the time the voting in Congress stops on Build Back Better, we’ll know whether from now on its members should be identified as D. or D-Soc.


3 thoughts on “WSJ’s Henninger: Joe Biden is a socialist”

  1. In his piece, Henninger quotes biden as saying in his recent speech “I am a capitalist”. But during the campaign, Henninger quotes biden as saying “I am not a socialist”. Henninger then writes “Both statements are false”. In other words, biden is lying. But we’ve always known biden is a prolific liar and a Great Deceiver just like the evil master to whom he has sold his soul.
    I found the following statement by Henninger rather frightening “In fact, this biden speech sounds similar to Xi Jinping’s recent attacks on China’s private sector.”
    Let’s pray that his multi-TRILLION evil programs on taxes, welfare, socialism and costly entitlements die a much deserved death in the U S Congress. For the survival of our country as we know it, it MUST die!

  2. Only thing I can say about Biden and his personal beliefs… they have enriched his family and kept them safe. Ask General Flynn!

    We reasonable people know there are handlers and people pulling the strings eschewing socialism in the administration. However, since Joe has the title of POTUS that makes him a socialist.

    He just wants his green jello on time.

    1. I used “eschewing” incorrectly. I meant quite the opposite, they are pulling country towards socialism.

      And my last comment about the green jello- I meant to convey that I think that’s all his mind is able to focus on right now.

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