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Video | Biden calls out the ‘trillionaires,’ who don’t exist

Yeah, if someone was smart and industrious enough to make a trillion dollars, let’s confiscate their wealth!

Except, no one has quite done that yet. But with Biden-sponsored inflation, it will come sooner than expected.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden calls out the ‘trillionaires,’ who don’t exist”

  1. This guy said he’s changing the dynamics of how our economy works. Boy, he’s not kidding. He is changing it in such a manner that it will destroy our economy and as a consequence our nation. As to the trilionaire thing, this guy’s intellectual level is exceptionally low. Senility has only made it worse.

    On a side note, newsmax reports that Rudy Giuliani has been banned by Foxnews executives from appearing in any Foxnews program. I am glad I stopped watching foxnews months ago. They are part of the fake MSM.

    1. Agree. I also stopped watching FOX news, although I still follow Tucker, Greg Gutfeld, and Steve Hilton. It’s been sad to see the views of Chris Wallace take over the lone dissenting mainstream cable news station. And FOX wasn’t even dissenting, just reporting what the other mainstream news stations were omitting. FOX was tackling the journalistic sin of omission. Now it’s go along, get along.

      Makes me wonder, does everyone eventually go along with the Democrats?

    2. I too, stopped watching FOX News in November of 2020 (after the election) and do not miss it at all. For now I watch Newsmax and it is interesting to note that several former FOX contributors are now on Newsmax.

  2. With the pace of inflation we will all be trillionaires akin to Venezuelans and Zimbabweans!

    On a different note, under this administration who wants to be military, Border patrol, or a cop. Any law enforcement seems to have it more difficult with Joe in charge.

    Seems the border patrol on horseback are assigned to desk duty. and could be reprimanded for actions that didn’t happen but have been accused of.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, George. What’s going to happen is that these Border Patrol, Military, police and other law enforcement people will get disillusioned and will retire as soon as they can or look for another job. Patriots will not want to work for these agencies. This is really bad for our nation but wonderful for the far left, America hating extremists in charge of of Federal Gov’t. For the sake of our nation this has got to stop; denying control of the House and Senate by the demonrats at the mid terms i believe would be a good start (assuming the elections are not rigged)

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