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Biden could lose 41 House seats: Pollster

That would easily put Republicans in charge of the place and put an end to President Biden’s legislative agenda.

According to the Washington Examiner:

There was a chance that President Joe Biden would end a streak dating back to Bill Clinton of new presidents losing control of Congress in their first two years.

But his crummy polling after a long honeymoon now suggests that he will lose as many House seats as former President Donald Trump in 2018 and for the same reason: Voters don’t like what he’s doing on key issues.

Public Opinion Strategies pollster Glen Bolger said it’s easy to track election outcomes to presidential polling, and with Biden’s sinking approval, Democrats are likely to lose about the 41 seats Trump lost, 34 more than the GOP needs to take control. And that’s before House district lines are redrawn to conform to new Census Bureau data.

“As baseball great Yogi Berra famously said, it’s deja vu all over again,” Bolger said in unveiling his cache of new polling data.

It’s well known that Biden’s approval ratings have been tanking, especially since the bungled withdrawal of troops and diplomats from Afghanistan. But what Bolger has found is that the GOP has made “significant inroads” with all groups except younger voters, but these voters have a poor record of turning out on Election Day.


9 thoughts on “Biden could lose 41 House seats: Pollster”

    1. Leave it to these milquetoast Republicans (like Mitch “turtle” McConnell) and the corrupt “DC swamp” Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2022…and beyond.

  1. It is not the vote that counts, it is who counts the vote that counts. As we have seen in 2020 and in the Cali recall, I don’t think we will ever see an accurate vote count again in America. Nothing has been done to stop the fraud!

    1. KC, in addition to hoping the polls are right, I did fail to also say something about fraud. I know here in PA where I live it’s rampant. It was especially rampant in the NOV 2020 presidential election. I believe it happened in other states. I believe that it was bad enough to deny President Trump a 2nd term.

      One difference though between the presidential election and the Congressional races is that there are over 400 different voting Congressional regions. The evil powers would have to perform their shenanigans in each of the over 400 different voting districts. So, my hope is that the polls are not only right but the evil pwrs do not have enough breadth and depth to perform their shenanigans in over 400 districts.

  2. America is discovering all over again that Reaganomics “Trickle down” economics actually does work. Unfortunately ‘we’ are learning it by trying the ol’ Robin Hood economics again, where we rob from the rich and give to the poor. This is doomed to result in lots more poor, and that is what we are about to experience.

    I’d like to change the way we run campaigns, and educate potential voters instead of simply trying to vilify the opponent. If we continue to encourage stupidity, we may be doomed as a nation.

  3. Democrats will steal the election again. By next year the urgency will be even higher than it was for them in 2020. The printers are probably humming along right now making fake ballots

  4. I agree 100% I don’t see the Republicans doing anything to prevent the Dems. stealing our votes. I think Reps are very naïve and the Dems are like the devil, very astute. If they don’t start working on
    preventing this to happen again we will be in the same situation as on 2020 and lately Newson’s election, that was also stolen

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