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Video | More than 10,000 migrants huddled under a bridge in soaring heat

The latest episode in President Biden’s cruel immigration policy, which has drawn hundreds of thousands to the border, severing families as children are sent north and creating situations like this.

According to NBC News:

More than 10,000 migrants, most of them Haitian, are packed under an overpass bridge in Del Rio, Texas, as U.S. border agents struggle to keep up with the surge in the area, according to two senior Department of Homeland Security officials.

Many of the Haitian migrants have not come directly from the island nation to the U.S., but rather have been living in South America and have been brought to Del Rio along a common smuggling route used by a Mexican cartel, the officials said.

The numbers under the bridge have ballooned over the past 48 hours, growing from around 5,000 on Wednesday and are expected to rise above 11,000 on Friday, they said.


5 thoughts on “Video | More than 10,000 migrants huddled under a bridge in soaring heat”

  1. Newsmax reports that the evil biden administration has placed a no-fly zone over this area. Some news agencies have been taking fotos and videos of the inhumane condition there under that bridge. This is unacceptable to the biden regime. Can’t let the American people see the horrible situation there. It will destroy biden’s perception that he wants Americans to have which is that all is fine at our southern border. Camel-a is in charge and she is doing a great job … yea, joe, whatever you say.

  2. Satan/The Devil is real. There is much evil present in the world today. I firmly believe the entire Biden is manifestation of that. They do not work for the good.

    1. Yes, Sarah, we see the works of the Evil One every day, past, present and sadly into the future. One of the most horrible works of the Evil One was during WWII when approx 6 million Jewish people were inhumanely exterminated in addition to the 6 million or so non-Jewish who were also exterminated. Also, not to mention the 40 million or so worldwide who died a brutal and untimely death due to the war. The works of the Evil One are nothing but destruction, pain, suffering and death. We see that in every action taken by the evil biden and his administration (with the help of pelosi, schumer, AOC and the like). So, yes these people are serving at the pleasure of the Evil One.

      But just like the existence of the Evil One, I believe in the existence of the Holy one, the Great Spirit as my ancestors in North America used to call Him. It is in the Holy One in Whom I rely on, have faith on. There is hope. I know it’s hard at times but we must not give up.

      1. Amen, no matter who’s in The WH, Jesus is King.

        What is disturbing is that Cuban’s who manage fo escape are turned back by the evil Biden administration, yet Haitians who flee to Mexico are welcomed. It’s not like Democrats are really concerned for Haitians, Afghans, black people or brown people. Democrats use these people for their labor and votes, just like their concern for the rest of us, they really don’t care about them.

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