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Is Biden’s push to stop global warming going to kill people?

We already know that President Biden’s push to eliminate fossil fuels is going to harm the economy and jobs while spurring inflation, particularly with respect to your electricity bill.

But is he also going to kill people by trying to reverse global warming?

According to Bjorn Lomborg in the Wall Street Journal:

In their call for “emergency action” on climate change last week, editors of the world’s leading medical journals relied in large part on a misleading claim that heat deaths are rising rapidly.

Global warming does cause more heat deaths, but the editors’ statistic is deceptive. They say global heat deaths have gone up by 54% among old people in the past 20 years, but they fail to mention that the number of old people has risen by almost as much. Demographics drove most of the rise, not climate change.

They also leave out that climate change has saved more lives from temperature-related deaths than it has taken. Heat deaths make up about 1% of global fatalities a year—almost 600,000 deaths—but cold kills eight times as many people, totaling 4.5 million deaths annually. As temperatures have risen since 2000, heat deaths have increased 0.21%, while cold deaths have dropped 0.51%. Today about 116,000 more people die from heat each year, but 283,000 fewer die from cold. Global warming now prevents more than 166,000 temperature-related fatalities annually.


5 thoughts on “Is Biden’s push to stop global warming going to kill people?”

  1. People who are obsessed with “global warming” should read this, although I doubt it would be appreciated by the global warming fanatics.

  2. I predict that Biden’s 4 years as president will end up with Carter’s bust on Mt Rushmore! Another sign how bad this president is/was, and how mild Carter’s awfulness was in comparison!!

    God help us!

  3. They can start by banning air conditioning in every building in Washington DC, and all federal government buildings nationwide. Anything less is prima facie subjugation of the common man, and therefore tyrannical.

    And yes, I really do mean every building in DC: government, business, entertainment, residential, the whole shebang.

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