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DeSantis says Biden withholding Covid treatments from his state

Are Florida Covid patients going to suffer because President Biden doesn’t like their governor?

According to Fox News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hammered the Biden administration for overhauling the distribution of monoclonal antibodies in a way that will severely hamper the treatment’s availability in several Republican-controlled states.

Previously, distribution sites could order the antibody treatments directly from the supplier. Now, the federal government will decide how many doses each state will receive and leave it to state governments to ration it out among locations.

DeSantis warned that HHS’ new equitable distribution plan for monoclonal antibodies (MAB) is “very, very problematic” and warned patients “are going to suffer as a result of this.”

“We were happy to see that Biden’s COVID plan announced last week included a 50% increase in monoclonal antibody deliveries to states this month,” DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw told Fox News in a Thursday statement.

“So it’s surprising and deeply disappointing that the Biden Admin would break this promise just a week later and cut MAB allocation to Florida, so they aren’t even providing half of the doses of life-saving treatment that COVID patients in Florida will need,” Pushaw continued.


Here, Jen Psaki is quizzed about it and doesn’t have an answer.

8 thoughts on “DeSantis says Biden withholding Covid treatments from his state”

  1. Unbelievable. The Dems will do and do do anything to make the Republicans look poorly.

    I really don’t know what country I live in any longer.

  2. In the early COVID days, Trump moved heaven and earth to assist the CA and NY governors with their requests. Biden would rather people die than help his political opponent.

  3. Silver lining?

    This ought to be the death knell for single-payer healthcare in the US.

    Really…piss off any random stuck-up paper pushing tyrant, get left to die? Oh, HELL no.

    Any Floridian who dies for lack of MCA availability, should henceforth be reckoned as blood on Zhou Bai Den’s hands.

    1. Biden will only be accumulating more blood on his hands. The 13 Marines killed at the Kabul airport, Americans remaining in Afghanistan who will be murdered. Americans who have died and will die as a result of markedly increased flow of criminals, drugs, arms and covid across our wide “open” southern border … need I say more? Evil leaves behind a trail of nothing but destruction and death.

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