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White House backs Milley — and his actions

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki not only says that President Biden has full confidence in Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley but also appears to justify his actions in circumventing then-President Trump to deal directly with the Chinese.

This would not be a problem for President Biden because unlike Trump, according to Psaki, Biden would not foment an insurrection.

“It’s the obligation of every Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to follow constitutional orders to prevent unlawful military action. This president has no intention of fomenting unrest or an insurrection,” Psaki said.

Talk about circumventing constitutional order. Trump was specifically not convicted in the Senate of fomenting insurrection.


4 thoughts on “White House backs Milley — and his actions”

  1. Look for this General to be silenced, put on a ‘desk duty’ and in a while resign due to family matters or his health. They will protect their own.
    He is a striking example of how far our government had gone to protect the status quo and to damage DJT (and all of us who supported him)..

  2. This is the way all military coups start and the fall of democracies.

    If he can do it then who will stop the next one. Which raises the question, “who will stop the generals from taking over?”

    This is a worse situation than having the current president! At least we can vote him out in a few years!

  3. This is a great illustration why the Main Stream Press is #theenemyofthepeople. They let Jen Psaki get away with indicating that Milley was actually standing up for our Republic by preventing an insurrection fomented by the former President.

    Democrats AND Republicans try to get away with whatever serves their needs at the time and it’s up to our press to hold BOTH PARTIES accountable. When the press choose winners and losers, America loses. Which is why the MSM is #theenemyofthepeople.

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