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Video | Biden forgets the name of the Australian prime minister

It’s all over the news in Australia. Not only did President Biden forget Scott Morrison’s name, he did so after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had just said it.

Probably Xi Jinping wouldn’t forget his name . . .

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden forgets the name of the Australian prime minister”

  1. That was exceptionally embarrassing, calling the Australian Prime “that fellow down under”. It violated all rules of courtesy in international diplomacy between Heads of Gov’t/Heads of State.

    The Chinese President, Putin and other rogues must be very pleased that this senile, weak guy who has no clue of anything is the Head of State of the United States of America. These rogues can now proceed with their evil plans with the full confidence that this biden guy is no match to them.

    1. JG — while I do think Joe is (layman speak here) senile, I can’t not mention that even years ago, Joe showed himself to be an empty man — reciting the same old tired lines and putting in the ‘gosh golly’ feel of “My mother used to say…” and other BS.

      This man may be evil but I think it is clear that he is rudderless.

      1. “I had a cousin, and this cousin used to have a cat you see, And this cat, he didn’t like… And well you know. We are good people. GOOD people. They are good people… Can somebody just, well, never mind… Let’s rebuild this great nation. For the cats…”

  2. Unfortunately, we’ll never forget Biden for the same reason people don’t forget Carter. Two of the worst presidents of the last 50 years and their generation!

  3. And it’s not as if they (both Australia and our enemies) haven’t already noticed his deficiencies. Everyone in the whole frickin world knows that we are WEAK, WEAK, WEAK. And feckless. And headed to perdition.

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