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Liberals fall in love with George W. Bush

Principled liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald notes the hypocrisy of liberals who bashed George W. Bush relentless now love him because Bush opposes Donald Trump and thinks the right represents as bad a threat as al Qaeda.

“A domestic war on terror against your fellow citizens is music to the ears of American liberals because they want nothing more than a new domestic war on terror, than treating their domestic adversaries like the Bush administration treated al Qaeda,” Greenwald said.

5 thoughts on “Liberals fall in love with George W. Bush”

  1. I think Julie Kelly’s tweet on George W. Bush says it all: Many heeded Bush’s call to fight terrorism after 9/11, and now he’s calling those who signed up and served terrorists if they attended the January 6 protests.

    It’s the manipulation of language. Bush can’t just disagree with their actions on January 6, he has to lump them in with those slaughtered 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

    George Bush is now an official member of the Democrat’s “Mean Girl” club. To quote Sally Field, Bush can now say “you really really like me!”

  2. GW . . . the one the Libs labeled as a Nazi and Hitler, long before Trump . . . the one they wanted convicted of war crimes.

    I’ve mentioned it here before — I defended Bush quite often during his presidency, but I have no interest in anything he has to say today. His petty hatred of Trump just because of “Jeb!” is embarrassing.

    1. Totally. I was a defender of Bush, too. No more.

      Bush knew Joe Biden’s policies would hurt, maybe even destroy America, yet he still threw his support behind Biden by not endorsing Trump and his common sense Republican agenda. What a petty, small man.

  3. It’s hard to describe the anger at the political figures who paint anyone who supported MrTrump and/or his agenda as “domestic terrorists”.
    The people who serve in our military, those who work and pay taxes, obey the laws , try to raise good families, but support America First policy, a secure border, and pro-life believers are now “domestic terrorists”.
    We see and read and hear what is happening in our Dem controlled cities and it’s ugly, violent, and anti-American hoodlums who are the terrorists, not us.

    The very people who call us “domestic terrorists” are the same who have frightened a whole country into a lockdown, they have destroyed our oil independance, caused inflation to eat into our wallets, made us wary of people who are not “White” , and allowed untold numbers of illegal aliens into our country. What is a “terrorist” but one who frightens others.

  4. Agree with all the above. This rapproachment between Bush and the Clintons and then the Obamas has been going on for YEARS. Now he has fully entered their camp. I have never been able to understand his coziness with the people whose people absolutely demonized him, particularly in his second term. Now he has put those of us who once supported him in the position of utterly rejecting him and his complete BS regarding 1/6.

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