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Biden Schedule | Monday, September 13, 2021

8:10 am | Departs Wilmington, Delaware
11:50 am MDT | Arrives Boise, Idaho
12:15 pm MDT | Receives a briefing from Federal and state fire agency officials, National Interagency Fire Center; Boise, Idaho
12:55 pm MDT | Visits the National Interagency Fire Center; Boise
1:55 pm MDT | Departs Boise
2:15 pm PDT | Arrives Mather, Califronia
2:40 pm PM PDT | Receives a briefing from local, state, and Federal emergency response personnel on the impacts of recent wildfires
3:25 pm PDT | Surveys damage from the Caldor Fire by taking an aerial tour of hard hit communities in El Dorado County
4:25 pm PDT | Delivers remarks on his administration’s response to recent wildfires
4:55 pm PDT | Departs Mather
6:15 pm PDT | Arrives Long Beach, California
7:00 pm PDT | Delivers remarks on his administration’s response to recent wildfires

All times Eastern except as noted



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5 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Monday, September 13, 2021”

  1. Though the real reason for Sleepy Joe to visit California is to help Newsom, it is just my opinion that it’s too little too late. We have had mail in voting for several weeks now and tomorrow the polls close and ballots will be counted. BTW heard an interest theory on Newsmax this morning regarding this recall election. Not all Democrats will vote for Newsom as there are other Democrats on the ballot who will garner votes away from Newsom. Time will tell and not to be forgotten is that California was successful in recalling Gray Davis many years ago.

    1. That was in 2003 when Davis was recalled. I’ve never lived in CA so I don’t what the politics were there at that time. Today, based on everything I’ve read, the politics, including election process, in CA is corrupt. Already there are reports from CA that Republicans who attempted to vote early were told they can’t because they’ve already voted (see Source below). My guess is that it was thru this corrupt election process that CA Demoncrats obtained super majorities in both houses. It will be wonderful if Newsom is replaced by Republican candidate, Larry Elder. Because of the corruption, I am not getting my hopes up too high.


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