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Biden Schedule | Saturday, September 4, 2021

President Biden is in Wilmington, Delaware. He has no publicly scheduled events.


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5 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Saturday, September 4, 2021”

  1. so corrupt biden is back to his basement in DE again. Since 20JAN, It has been reported that senile biden has spent 14 weekends in DE, 9 weekends at Camp David and only 6 freaking weekends at the White House. It’s home sweet basement for this senile ol’ man.

    1. And I bet this useless “WH Press Corps” has a good idea what senile Biden is really up to with his empty-do nothing-done by 3pm EST “Daily Schedule”.
      It makes me SICK that these brainless & gutless so-called ‘reporters’ (even FoxNews) in this useless “WH Press Corps” WILL NOT report or investigate what is really going on with this senile Biden regime!!!

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