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Biden administration tries to blame Trump for stranded Afghans

Well, naturally. How could anyone admit to themselves that their policies had caused the deaths of probably thousands of people who had tried to help us?

According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken:

Let me say a few words also about those Afghans who applied for – or may be eligible for – Special Immigrant Visas. There have been questions about the backlog of SIV applicants and why more of these men and women weren’t already out of Afghanistan by the time the evacuation operation began. So let me give you a little bit more context on this.

When we took office, we inherited a backlog of more than 17,000 SIV applicants. The program was basically in a dead stall. There had not been a single interview of an SIV applicant in Kabul in the nine months prior to us taking office going back to March of 2020.


I mean, the logic-stretching here is an incredible thing to behold.

4 thoughts on “Biden administration tries to blame Trump for stranded Afghans”

  1. “THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE COUNTRY BEFORE THIS WAS FIXED?” That’s a good question, Rebekah. It’s getting awfully tiring to keep hearing these clowns blaming President Trump and his administration for the catastrophic situation this current corrupt regime created in Afghanistan!

  2. So our friends that helped our military need the “I’s” dotted and the “T’s” crossed as to not face torture and death, but the much-more-likely-dem voters flooding over the southern border get a different treatment, they get bussed or flown to set up shop all over the US. No need to see any papers there, or apply for any immigration process that is already in place. That would be racist.

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