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Psaki suggests a man is not qualified to ask questions about abortion

During today’s White House briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a male reporting asking about abortion, “I know you’ve never faced those choices.”

From a transcript of the briefing:

Q And following up on the Texas law, why does the President support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong?

MS. PSAKI: Well, he believes that it’s a woman’s right, it’s a woman’s body, and it’s her choice.

Q Why does the President — who does he believe, then, should look out for the unborn child?

MS. PSAKI: He believes that it’s up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those decisions with her doctor.

I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant. But for women out there who have faced those choices —

Q Well —

MS. PSAKI: — this is an incredibly difficult thing. The President believes their rights should be respected.

Q And what’s his message to —

MS. PSAKI: Go ahead.

I think we’ve got to move on.

Q — pro-life groups that support this law without (inaudible) —

MS. PSAKI: I think we have to move on. You’ve had plenty of time today.


5 thoughts on “Psaki suggests a man is not qualified to ask questions about abortion”

  1. So by Psaki’s own admission, certain things should be between a doctor and patient. Shouldn’t the same view be held about getting an experimental “vaccine?” Leftist hypocrisy could hit them with a baseball bat, and they still wouldn’t see it.

  2. Psaki seems to have a very limited opinion about men. Years ago I knew a high school student whose girlfriend got pregnant. She chose abortion despite the fact this young man and his family pleaded with her to let them adopt the baby and raise it. Even when a man wants his unborn child – which he helped create – he has no right to save the child.

    1. Brigid, the point you raised is a point I have raised for a long time. As a human being and father, it irritates me to no end that a father (whether he’s married or not to the woman) has ZERO say as to whether he and his family want to raise the child. The woman has the ABSOLUTE right to make the decision and THAT’S IT (just cause the “law” says so). It irritates me to no end to see men marching alongside women supporting the woman’s ABSOLUTE right and nobody else to make the determination to abort. It’s wrong, it’s unfair, it’s unjust and it’s just plain evil! These far left extremists always talk about justice, fairness, equality; what a freaking joke!

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