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Hannity deems White House chief of staff ‘delusional’ on Afghanistan exit

Sometimes, the easiest way to get beyond the spin is just to look with your own eyes at what is happening. No matter how many times the White House tries to say that the withdrawal was handled as well as can be expected, it is obvious to anyone who turns on a TV that it was not.

The question now is, does the White House believe its own spin? Because if it does, there truly are delusional people running the country.

From a piece in Fox News:

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore into White House chief of staff Ron Klain on Wednesday, calling him “delusional” for praising President Biden’s leadership throughout the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Klain, who feverishly retweeted praise for Biden, and admiration from media allies, during the Afghanistan crisis, spoke to MSNBC on Tuesday.

“It’s easy to second-guess but let’s just be clear,” he said. “America was in this war for 20 years. … Any effort to bring our troops out of Afghanistan was going to be filled with heartbreaking scenes and difficulties and I think the Biden administration managed that as well as it could be managed under the circumstances we were placed in.”

Hannity called Klain’s claim “delusional,” wondering out loud whether the Biden aide was really “this much of an idiot.”

“It appears so,” the “Hannity” host said. “Nothing about that withdrawal was managed well. Not a single thing.”


2 thoughts on “Hannity deems White House chief of staff ‘delusional’ on Afghanistan exit”

  1. Just image the amount of chaos if the US pulled out of S.Korea and Japan. Biden left a vacuum in Afghan and the bad guys are going to fill it.

    1. While we’re discussing filling vacuums, I’ll donate a 50-pounf sack of concrete mix to anyone who wants to fill that black hole on Joe Biden’s shoulders.

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