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McConnell: Biden is not going to be impeached

According to Fox News:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday that President Joe Biden would not be impeached over his withdrawal from Afghanistan because both the House and Senate are Democrat-controlled.

“The president is not going to be removed from office,” McConnell said during an event in Pikeville, Kentucky. “Its a Democratic house, a narrowly Democratic Senate, that’s not going to happen.”

McConnell also insisted that the best way certain “behaviors get adjusted in this country is at the ballot box,” signaling that voters who are upset with Biden’s leadership should take to the polls.


4 thoughts on “McConnell: Biden is not going to be impeached”

  1. “We can’t do this now, but we’ll do this or that later when this or that happens” . . . McConnell always playing to lose.

    I mentioned it here before — demand that Biden resign. He’s not making it through four years (mentally and/or phyically), so the cackling moron is going to be president one way or another. Republicans should take a stand, but they’re afraid of their own shadows and are always waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.

    1. Mr Pibb… I think Democrats believed Ms Cackling could eventually replace Biden. However, her approval and more importantly her ability to appeal to voters is so low she won’t be a feasible candidate to pass anything!

      I read an article yesterday, apologize to author don’t recall who wrote it, which summed up the fact that Ms Cackle was picked as a way to ensure Biden was never impeached… because option B would be worse!

      May the Almighty help us!

  2. The Republicans removd VP Agnew before Nixon departed. They replaced him with Ford. Maybe the Dems could do the same thing in this case. If Pelosi is the one the GOP might have control of the House & could slow her up. (Ford’s ambition was to become Speaker.)

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