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ABC’s Martha Raddatz describes Biden’s mistakes and broken promises

When ABC’s liberal Martha Raddatz has turned against a Democratic president, you know things are bad.

One of the indicators of just how much President Biden has screwed up is that even much of the liberal press has done fairly critical reporting about the Afghanistan withdrawal. Sure, the pile-on would be even worse if it were Donald Trump. But the reporting has been surprisingly negative for Biden.

1 thought on “ABC’s Martha Raddatz describes Biden’s mistakes and broken promises”

  1. Exactly, spot on, Rebekah.
    Inside, Radditz is muttering to herself ” If Obama was here this mess would never have happened… darn it, I give up, this guy is on his own. No WAY I am going down with this ship. We did our part to get rid of DJT, not our fault team Biden cannot manage anything”.


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