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Biden breaks promise to keep troops in Afghanistan until every American leaves

President Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos just two weeks ago that American troops would stay until every last American got out. That didn’t happen.

From an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America:

Stephanopoulos: “Are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every American who wants to be out gets out?”

Biden: “Yes, yes.”

Asked if that commitment holds for our Afghan allies too, Biden said: “The commitment holds to get everyone out that in fact we can get out, and everyone that should come out.”

That’s hedging on the Afghans, but it would still seem like a commitment not to leave thousands of them there, which he did.

5 thoughts on “Biden breaks promise to keep troops in Afghanistan until every American leaves”

  1. No surprise here … he lied through his teeth, he’s done it his entire corrupt political career so why stop now. If he says something about it when he talks to the nation tomorrow on Friday, he will spin it to say that the Taliban promised to (1) protect Americans still in Afghanistan and (2) ensure their safe exit out of Afghanistan if they want to leave Afghanistan. yea, joe, whatever you say.

    1. Not suprised. Not even sure he remembered saying that. He’s a lying political hack. He’s been one his whole life. Each day is a new disaster for this fool. So sad we as a nation are in the middle of this.

  2. This morning a friend of mine commented. ” I hope Biden secured a deal with the Taliban to protect any Americans still in country”. I replied, listen to what you just said. Are you serious? Biden took a relatively stable situation and created chaos and danger in 30 days. And we expect the same folks that brought the chaos to protect those aligned with the USA? “C’mon man!”.


  3. Next the fool-in-chief will say that those who fell from the airplanes desperate to get out because they knew what was coming really didn’t want to leave Afghanistan.

  4. …But hey Joe, maybe it will help, even after giving the enemy tons of modern military equipment, if you were to bribe them with hundreds of millions in a secret deal. Worked great for Obama.

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