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Biden Schedule | Sunday, August 29, 2021

8:10 am | Departs Joint Base Andrews
8:45 am | Arrives Dover, Delaware
9:35 am | Meets with families of service members who died in Kabul
Noon | Participates in a dignified transfer of the remains
2:55 pm | Arrives White House

All times Eastern


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4 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Sunday, August 29, 2021”

  1. At 3:30 he gave a news talk about Hurricane Ida. A reporter asked him a question about Afghanistan. He said he was not taking questions. He turned and walked away.

  2. reports as follows: “Biden Blasted for Looking at Watch During Ceremony for Fallen Soldiers”. For foto and article see

    Apparently, this biden guy was not focusing, contemplating or reflecting on the solemnity of the the U S Marines who died a brutal death at Kabul airport. His mind (whatever is left of it) was focused on other things causing him to take time out to determine what time it was. It should not come as a surprise for we know what kind of guy this biden individual is.

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