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How the US elite screwed up on Afghanistan: My latest for the New York Post

From an article I have running today in the New York Post. Please check it out!

The Afghanistan collapse has proven that the US government’s ignorance of foreign cultures and mindsets can no longer be tolerated. After 20 years of immense effort by American warfighters, intelligence personnel, diplomats and aid workers to turn Afghanistan into what Westerners consider a normally functioning society, it has reverted to the same chaotic and brutal place that it has been for centuries.

It is reasonable for Americans to ask: Will anyone in the US government be held accountable for sinking $2 trillion and sacrificing more than 6,000 of our fellow citizens’ lives to achieve what was unachievable in the first place?

The reason America had to spend 20 years in Afghanistan involves a profound lack of foreign cultural expertise in the intelligence and national security communities, in which I proudly served as an intelligence officer and specialist in Russian doctrine and strategy. Failure to understand the adversary, as Sun Tzu taught us — whether it’s Afghani insurgents or Russia conducting unrestricted cyber warfare and sabotaging our elections — results in unrealistic policy goals and deficient warfighting strategies, and ultimately leads to defeat.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

10 thoughts on “How the US elite screwed up on Afghanistan: My latest for the New York Post”

  1. Rebekah, great insight over the disastrous role that beltway bandits, gov’t bureaucrats (the deep state, swamp creatures), so called intelligence experts and other fake pundits played over the 20 year period we were in Afghanistan. Thank you for your efforts not only in articles like the one above but also in your book “Putin’s Playbook” to expose as to what is really going on. Continue the good fight and may God bless you and your family.

    1. So happy to see Rebekah’s article posted on RealClearPolitics this afternoon!! Are the “experts” she describes, the ones that weave in and out of government with no accountability, what Donald Trump referred to as the swamp?!

  2. Very well stated Rebekah and much appreciate to you for keeping all of us so well informed. Blessings to you, Keith and your family.

  3. Afghanistan is, and will always be a third-world sh#t-hole barely out of the Stone Age.
    But NO ONE in “US National Security so-called Leadership” is allowed to think or say that…because it has been ‘politically incorrect’.
    And obliviously NO ONE in the US Military or National Security has ever read (even with all those fancy Ivy League degrees) a HISTORY book about Afghanistan and how Alexander the Great, Persians, Mughals, Ghengis Khan, British, Imperial Russians & Soviets fought & LOST there!

  4. Enjoyed the article.

    I keep hearing that this is the longest war the US has been engaged, but isn’t the Korean War longer? There was never a truce. Here we ran with our tail between our legs! Pathetic. Relying on a group of “people” the administration admits they don’t trust to help us.

    I keep hearing people say we had lost the war in Afghanistan- but I disagree. The insurgents were contained, no loss of American lives lost for a long time. The USA should have kept a presence in the area.

    I’m so upset about the situation, the loss of life unnecessarily this week, the loss of our weapon cache to the Taliban, the loss of bases and military installments!! None of this makes any sense.

    Leaving a huge vacuum in the area. Now ready for Iran and China to go in there and do what they want!

  5. Excellent article. I once considered running for office. My slogan was “you’ve tried the best and brightest, now give Jane Doe a chance.” Haha.

  6. I’m going to go an a rant here.

    I’m not convinced that our original goals in Afghanistan were “unachievable”. However, after 40 years of adult life, I do know that our government will almost certainly mismanage every effort they engage in. That is at least as likely to be the true cause of this epic failure.

    It is heartbreaking to see all the lives lost and money spent go to complete waste, and to see enemies of freedom encouraged (this applies to what’s been happening inside our own borders too).

    The only up-side, and it pales in comparison to the lives destroyed and lost, is that the democrats own this, and many taxpayers and voters will know it when they next vote.

    What this country needs is:
    1) A flat tax
    2) If you pay no taxes (and are not retired), you don’t vote (>50% of US citizens are tax neutral or below. How do you think they will vote? Ummm, “free money, yes!”)
    3) No more full time politicians. That was the original intent of the federal government. The original intent of government did not require full time politicians. They assumed a “grow your business” approach at some point and it should not have been allowed.
    4) Bills are to be voted on one decision at a time. No more mass massive bills in congress with compromises and pork all over. No more politics games, late night 1200 page bills, etc.
    5) A balanced budget amendment to the constitution. If you can’t be responsible, you’re fired.
    6) Federal government to secure our geographical and financial borders.
    7) ALL elected officials granted (at most) the same retirement package as ‘ordinary citizens’
    8) I’m not sure what to do with the press. They have become an agenda-driven mob and can’t be trusted at all. The best solution may be in educating the people to think critically on their own. A void in critical thinking opens up a massive opportunity for the agenda driven press we have today.

    OK, I’m done.

    1. Hard to argue with any of this. The issue is that the force that can change all this also benefits from the current plan, so it is hard to see them turning on themselves. We can only vote in those that see it the way we do. And then pray they don’t get corrupted like those before them.


      1. I agree that when people benefit from a bad situation, their greed and selfishness (generally evil) lead them to want to perpetuate instead of solve. This is where education and the press are supposed to help us. But we have become lazy and dumb.

        1. beammeup, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If I may make one comment dealing with elections. I live just outside Philadelphia, a city well known for its corrupt political practices including the manipulation of votes. It’s been going on for decades. In the 2020 NOV elections, they went on steroids to manipulate the votes to favor biden. Their manipulative actions are well documented. Tragically, we have a corrupt PA State Supreme Court that upheld every corrupt action by the PA demoncrats regarding the election. There is no doubt in my mind the election was rigged and therefore stolen in PA. If it happened in PA and, from what I’ve seen, it happened in other states as well; it was a well coordinated, well financed operation involving several states. So, my hope and prayer is that the election process will be cleaned up by the time we get to the midterms. If not, the probability that the current evil individuals will stay in office is high.

          (PS: this is why pelosa and all demoncrats are working hard to get HR1 and HR4 passed because if signed into law, it will ensure the manipulation that occurred in NOV 2020 will happen again)

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