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White House lied about number of times Biden dog bit Secret Service agents

The White House said back in March that President Biden’s dog Major had nipped people a couple of times.

If fact, at one point, the dog was biting Secret Service agents every day. This reporter wanted to know how we can trust the White House on big things if we can’t trust them on something like the activities of the Biden pet.

4 thoughts on “White House lied about number of times Biden dog bit Secret Service agents”

  1. Reminds of the Obama White House, which NEVER admitted any wrongdoing about anything, even when presented with evidence.

    The dog thing is so stupid. The Biden campaign made a big deal about how Trump didn’t have a dog, hated dogs, whatever — and how Biden having a dog back in the WH would mark a return to normalcy, with, apparently, a “normal” president. The dog was merely a prop. And when he started biting people, that went against the narrative . . . and they can’t have that.

  2. Funny thing about dogs is that they mimic the ‘character’ of their owners. One of my friends had recently got a new dog and every time was there it would sneak up from behind and bite me for no apparent reason. I knew my bud was a really good guy so I asked him where he’d gotten such an untrustworthy, miserable, dog?

    When he told me the name of the previous owner I knew instantly why it was so sneaky and miserable. I told my friend my “theory”, and I helpfully offered to teach it some respect. “Go right ahead” he laughed.

    So the next time it tried to sneak up on me, I turned around and punched it square in the nose. It yelped & ran away, and never ventured within ten feet of me again. A few weeks later it bit his 6 year old son, so he took it out back and shot it. Joe Biden is a lot like that dog.

  3. Obviously the poor dog hasn’t been trained properly. I have had the pleasure of owning two German Shepherds, and they need a firm hand, plenty of training, and lots of love. They are great dogs, and a delight to live with. I miss mine.

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