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Is Biden Jimmy Carter — or Field Marshal von Hindenburg?

Writing in American Greatness, author Douglas A. Macgregor proposes the frightening possibility that President Biden resembles German Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, and the U.S. looks like the Weimar Republic, far too much for comfort.

According to the piece:

Will our social disorders combine with economic hardship to produce a furious storm that overwhelms the Biden Administration like the one that overwhelmed Hindenburg and the Weimar Republic?

In April 1925, a German journalist wrote to a friend in England, “Today we vote for Zero. Tomorrow we get Nero.” When Germans voted to make a retired 77-year-old German Field Marshal named Paul von Hindenburg president of the Weimar Republic, many Germans like the aforementioned journalist feared the old war hero was a placebo for the republic’s deeper ills; at best a substitute Kaiser or a political “zero” who would be replaced by a dictator.

Four years into his presidential term, Hindenburg struggled to maintain the republic as it was in the throes of a severe economic depression. War debt and hyperinflation crushed the German economy. Political violence erupted as communists squared off against fascists in Germany’s largest cities. Criminality, prostitution, and drug abuse became widespread. In 1933, Hindenburg made Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany.

Invoking images of the failed Weimar Republic is a harrowing prospect indeed. The parallels between Weimar Germany and Biden’s America may be instructive, however, especially given the poor prospects voters face to lead them out of this mess.

You can read the rest of the article here. It’s worth a look.


2 thoughts on “Is Biden Jimmy Carter — or Field Marshal von Hindenburg?”

  1. Thank you for sharing article, Rebekah. It was indeed worth a look.

    The article does have a positive point and I quote “These points notwithstanding, America is still in better shape than Weimar Germany. Crime is rising as is inflation, but economic recovery post-pandemic appears to be gaining momentum.”

    The author finishes the article with an interesting Q&A

    Q: “Is Joe Biden a zero, an empty suit? Will Biden eventually be replaced by some new figure like the Roman Emperor Nero?” (For Hindenburg, the Emperor Nero was Hitler)

    A: “Americans will know the answer when the gap between what Americans demand and what they get becomes intolerable. ”

    God help us all if, indeed, Biden is replaced by a new Hitler/Nero type.

    As for me, I am placing my prayers and faith in God Almighty with regards to the future of our country and by extension, the world.

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