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DoD indicates no military involvement in evacuating Americans after Aug. 31

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby Friday suggested that Americans left stranded in Afghanistan after Aug. 31 cannot rely on the military for assistance, and that the U.S. will rely on diplomacy to help them leave.

“I’m certainly not going to speculate on what happens after this particular mission ends, but I would not envision a significant military role in that effort going forward,” Kirby said.

These means that, effectively, Americans and our Afghan allies who are left will be hostages, and we will have to try to placate the Taliban to keep them safe and get them out.


Also, btw, like President Biden and other administration officials, Kirby suggests there are Americans who don’t want to leave Afghanistan. Who exactly are the Americans who don’t want to get out of a Taliban-run Afghanistan?

2 thoughts on “DoD indicates no military involvement in evacuating Americans after Aug. 31”

  1. Can someone please explain why the current administration vows to (now) strike supposedly known ISIS resources and leadership? Why did we not do that, say maybe, last week?

    I think Biden is more likely to “strike” ISIS with idiotic bribes like Obama did, and we will see more death.

  2. There are NO Americans who would want to stay. This is the Biden Administration’s way of saying “tough cookies, you didn’t want to leave when we warned you,” thus they wash their hands of responsibility. It’s sickening! All of these cowards should face immediate removal and prison time.

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