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Harris negatives ‘unprecedented’ for a vice president

According to the Washington Examiner:

“America just doesn’t have a good ‘feeling’ about Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Going back 28 years in NBC polling, no other new vice president has been welcomed so coldly by Americans as the Democrat and first woman in the job.

“In the latest survey, pollster Bill McInturff pointed out her low positive rating, at 37%, and tweeted this morning, “VP Harris has lowest feeling thermometer of any first year VP going back to Gore in 1993 with an unprecedented ‘very negative’ rating on @NBCNews survey tracking.”


“The survey put her positive rating below former Vice Presidents Al Gore, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence.”

7 thoughts on “Harris negatives ‘unprecedented’ for a vice president”

  1. Geez. She was the first political dropout of the 2016 Democratic race for president. How can anyone feel upbeat about her leading the country?

  2. Here in California she was polling third in the 2020 presidential primary (her home state!) . . . she, of course, dropped out in December 2019 to avoid the embarrassment. But, lamentably, I guess the joke ended up being on us.

  3. She’s absolutely horrible. I’ll never forget how she treated Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearing. She was vicious and ugly. I also remember what she told Mike Pence during the VP debate. She said “I and joe biden are people of faith”. I almost fell my chair when I heard this. But it’s typical out of the mouth of a shameless, ethic-less, hypocritical and corrupt (in mind and spirit) politician.

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