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Woman pleads for help from Biden, says she is stranded in Afghanistan; Psaki says she is not

According to the Washington Examiner:

A mother from the United States who is trapped in Afghanistan amid the U.S. troop withdrawal made an emotional plea for President Joe Biden to help her return to her children as the situation around Kabul becomes increasingly violent.

The woman, who has two children in the U.S. and went by the pseudonym of “Fatima” for her safety, thanked Republican Rep. Carol Miller and her team for being “my only strength” and communicating with her to find a solution to return her to the U.S.

“We are in danger. We are in danger, Mr. President. Please help us,” the woman said during a Tuesday morning appearance on Fox & Friends First, adding, “Yes, we are stranded.”

“Not so fast!” said Jen Psaki, in effect.


3 thoughts on “Woman pleads for help from Biden, says she is stranded in Afghanistan; Psaki says she is not”

  1. Not sure of the legality or also if this would be wise but….. someone can think it through…

    Trump should send his private Jet — maybe one of the unmarked gulfstreams or something… go to Kabul and get a load of people… and ask all his rich friends to do the same… Similar to Dunkirk…

    OR… hire someone to go out there and pick up a load…. if they can send money to France or whatever to get people out — within whatever legal angles..

    10,000 at a rate of 20-100+ per flight is still a lot of flights but it does get it done.

    1. Those are good ideas, Mark. If Trump were to do that, Pelosi would immediately file articles of impeachment against Trump for interfering as a private citizen in U S Gov’t foreign affairs.

      But your ideas are feasible. The WSJ (with the help of Qatar) was able to get its people and even their Afghan crew members out of Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan safely and effectively.

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