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Video | GOP Rep. Rogers: Biden either senile or in denial

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., doesn’t think too much of President Biden’s approach to Afghanistan.

Some Republicans, however, will disagree with Rogers’ characterization of Biden as either senile or in denial.

Because, just following the science, they might say it’s that he could be BOTH. Not saying he is, just that, you know, it’s scientifically possible.

2 thoughts on “Video | GOP Rep. Rogers: Biden either senile or in denial”

  1. I’d say he’s both (senile, denial) and more! He is callous and a pathological liar. He’s not in touch with reality. Americans left behind in Afghanistan are at great risk of torture and even death, joe doesn’t care (callous). Just like he doesn’t care if American citizens die from the huge inflow of drugs and arms as a result of opening wide our southern border. This guy is one sick guy and evil! He and his enablers!

  2. Biden is the end result of decades of placating anyone in front of him, even the Taliban. He simply does not, and never did, have the skillset to manage problems and seek solutions. He glad-handed every Tom, Dick and Harry for decades and it got him re-elected. Now thrust into the only managerial role of his life, he is befuddled and confused. The happy handshaking days are over. Sadly, he also lacks the mental capacity to manage, …anything. All you need to do is listen to the man speak for 5 mins. Incoherence, losing track of his thoughts, stumbling, forgetting names. And the dangerous part is he has no clue, thinks he is still just a Senator out there stumping for himself. I pray he is not the final decision maker in the process of managing our country, but I fear he is


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