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Biden suggests US troops may stay in Afghanistan after Aug. 31

President Biden was five hours late for his speech of Afghanistan. This administration is in a state of disarray over Afghanistan — though Biden was several times more than an hour late for appearances before the crisis began. The average daycare center has less chaos than the West Wing.

Biden needs to make sure we get every American out of there.

According to the Washington Post:

President Biden on Tuesday reaffirmed his intent to complete the U.S. evacuation mission in Afghanistan by Aug. 31, but he also ordered contingency plans if that cannot be accomplished — a position that stoked a new round of outrage and confusion about the United States’ exit from a two-decade war.

The result was looming uncertainty over whether the United States would finalize its exit within a week, as Biden wants, as well as intensifying anger from would-be Afghan refugees, U.S. allies worried about getting their own personnel out of the country, and veterans concerned about the fate of those who helped the war effort.

Speaking at the White House after meeting virtually with leaders of the Group of Seven large industrialized democracies, Biden said that the United States was on pace to wrap up its efforts in Afghanistan by Aug. 31 and that any extension risked terrorist attacks.

“The sooner we can finish, the better,” Biden said. “Each day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

But the president also said that meeting that deadline would require avoiding unforeseen disruptions and that it “depends upon the Taliban continuing to cooperate and allow access to the airport for those who we’re transporting out.” He said that he asked the Pentagon and the State Department to draft contingency plans should the U.S. government have to shift its timeline.


5 thoughts on “Biden suggests US troops may stay in Afghanistan after Aug. 31”

  1. I chuckled when I read your observation that the Biden administration is more chaotic than the average daycare. I had just commented to my husband after Biden’s press conference that my fourth graders could have made a better exit plan regarding Afghanistan. Seriously.

  2. Wonder how many billions of unmarked currency will fly into Afghanistan for the taliban, Courtesy of the American public, via Biden- – ala Obama through Iran!

  3. Who, exactly, is making decisions? It is not JB, he cannot recite words off a screen. Seriously, who the heck is steering the ship? Is it Rice, Obama, both of whom have pretty low screen time these days. Could it be that there is a nefarious cabal of people who have an agenda, and Biden is the sacrificial lamb? This situation is beyond bad planning or messing up. This seems intentional. When you piss off the G7, and you are America, something smells really bad.


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