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Biden Schedule | Saturday, August 21, 2021

10:15 am | Meets with national security team to hear intelligence, security, and diplomatic updates on Afghanistan; Situation Room
12:05 pm | Departs White House
1:00 pm | Arrives Wilmington, Delaware

All times Eastern


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6 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Saturday, August 21, 2021”

    1. From Mark Steyn and others: Remember Joe Biden’s recent taunt that no American needs an AR-15, because, if you want to defeat the mighty US government, you’re gonna need fighter jets and nukes. Well, the Taliban just took out Joe as Leader of the Free World with no nukes, no F-15s, just a big bunch of AR-15s.

      What catastrophe awaits us when he emerges from his basement? It’s like he’s playing Russian Roulette with Americans.

  1. He was told the ice cream and the game console were brought to the White House from the basement this weekend so he could stay in Washington… but only for optics!

    I hope people remember this mess in 2024!

  2. Trump Schedule August 21, 2021
    5am: Meet with advisors on the future of the USA
    10am: Have lunch with Mrs Trump
    3pm: Get ready to head to Alabama
    7pm: Join 50,000 supporters for a MAGA rally

  3. I read where senile joe today (23AUG, Monday) at 3:30 PM is welcoming the Seattle Storm to the White House to honor the team for their 2020 WNBA Championship

    Senile joe is having a good time entertaining a basketball team while our country is being destroyed domestically and laughed at and humiliated internationally.

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