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Live Stream | Biden remarks on the evacuation effort in Afghanistan

Scheduled for 1 pm ET, though it will inevitably be late, like our effort to get Americans out of Afghanistan.

7 thoughts on “Live Stream | Biden remarks on the evacuation effort in Afghanistan”

  1. Too true! OT, I see that VP Harris is due to campaign for Gavin Newsome in the CA Governor recall election. May she be just as effective campaigning for him as she was campaigning for President in 2019/20!

  2. Congresswoman Greene of Georgia called Biden a piece of “s…”.
    She also voted not to issue visas to the Afgahns who helped the US. She is a Republican and a supporter of Trump. I hope she is not re-elected. She is so disruptive.

  3. I did not watch it. Did he mention anything about all the military equipment left behind? The Taliban now have more Black Hawk helicopters than Australia. Not to worry they have no trained pilots but they will have the Chinese and/or Russians pilot them.

  4. He did not. Pretty much all he did was lie: our allies knew & agreed, no one is questioning US leadership, no Americans are having trouble getting to the airport, no other options existed, etc. Unfortunately we’re stuck with him as long as Kommie is the Senate tie breaker.

  5. I watched Biden’s speech. It was hard to listen to as Slow Joe droned on and on and on. It was enough to put one to sleep.

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