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Biden cancels plans to head to Wilmington for the weekend

President Biden will not travel Friday to Wilmington, Delaware for the weekend, the White House announced.

It seems that unlike what’s going on at the border, the president recognizes that in Afghanistan, he has a “crisis” on his hands.

Vice President Harris is still traveling on a previously scheduled trip to Singapore and Vietnam, however. It seems her urgent advice on Afghanistan must not be needed.

The stop in Vietnam will surely evoke much commentary on the comparison between Kabul 2021 and Saigon 1975.


7 thoughts on “Biden cancels plans to head to Wilmington for the weekend”

  1. Well, well, a rare wknd in DC.
    The issue with the President is not his whereabouts; it is his ability to comprehend the magnitude of his decision making.


    1. Why would they worry about optics? They stole an election, right under our noses and in videotapes, they lack conscience and without a conscience they feel no guilt. I’m praying that Americans wake up to the evil that is being done to us. If they don’t care about who is crossing into our open Southern border, why would they care about Americans and allies in Afghanistan?

  2. so, slow joe is not leaving for DE today, FRI. Well, if you think senile joe will be spending the weekend (SAT and SUN) in DC, think again. AP reports as follows: “He was now expected to head to Wilmington on Saturday and stay through the weekend.”

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