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Monthly illegal immigration on track to make 2021 the worst year ever

As Afghanistan crumbles, so does out border.



4 thoughts on “Monthly illegal immigration on track to make 2021 the worst year ever”

  1. As the Taliban take over Afghanistan, significant number of illegals from all over the world take over the United States of America. Thanks to corrupt, evil, senile joe and his handlers.

  2. Cannot understand…
    1. Why Trump Admn – while lameduck – could not transfer $$ to Texas to finish the Wall after Biden took office.
    2. Why states like Florida do not ‘lend’ money to Texas to finish the wall — with proviso that when the Feds can do it (Republican control) that the principle/interest would be paid back to Florida.

  3. Westchester County NY: This past week there was an accurate report of privately contracted jets landing at Westchester / White Plains airport. In the dark of night, no markings. The planes have reported to be landing on a regular basis, brought not to the public terminal but a private hanger, where contracted buses take the illegals to an undisclosed location where they are united with family or caregivers for the minors. One report says this has been going on for weeks. There are current pics of the situation on line. The county exec said he has no control over it, its a Fed issue, but he assured us the passengers are all vaccinated and being transported by ground to destinations outside our county, but gave no specifics. One report said big tanker trucks are lined up next to the planes so curious onlookers cannot see or record the passengers deplaning. This is not some crazy internet story. It was presented by Rob Astorino, past county exec and current candidate for NYS Gov. I feel for these people on an individual basis; their lives are difficult. But why the secrecy? If this is such a good thing, would the Fed not want to make headlines with this? Biden, The Quicker-Efffer Upper.


    1. Harv, Why not contact a news outlet andask them to do a story on this?

      I’m reading Mexico is flying non Mexicans from the border to near Honduras and the US is flying non Mexicans to near Honduras. I know two here who said they will never return to their country of birth.

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