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Trump-backed candidate wins in Ohio

The press was glorying in a recent defeat of a candidate Donald Trump supported. But his influence among Republicans remains strong.

According to The Hill:

Mike Carey, an energy lobbyist supported by former President Trump, won the crowded GOP primary race in a special House election in a deep-red Ohio district Tuesday.

The Associated Press called the race shortly after 9 p.m. ET. Carey led the pack with more than 37 percent of the vote, or just shy of 9,300 ballots.

State Sen. Bob Peterson, former state Rep. Ron Hood and state Rep. Jeff LaRe rounded out the top four.

Carey was a virtual unknown before winning Trump’s support and campaigned largely on the former president’s backing. He bested a crowd of roughly a dozen other primary contenders to run for the seat that was vacated by former Rep. Steve Stivers (R), who retired to run the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

The win is also a vindication for Trump, who first threw his support behind Carey for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District in June.

The former president suffered a setback last week when Susan Wright, his endorsed candidate in a special House runoff in Texas, lost to another Republican, raising questions over the lingering power of Trump’s endorsement now that he doesn’t hold office.

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  1. Ohio has 3 Democratic representatives, 11 Republican and one vacancy. They have one Dem Senator & one Republican. Trump won Ohio in 2020. I don’r see Biden winning Ohio in 2024.

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