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Live Stream || Biden remarks on Covid response

He is also expected to address allegations of sexual misconduct against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Scheduled for 3:45 pm ET.

3 thoughts on “Live Stream || Biden remarks on Covid response”

  1. Senile joe is expected to address sexual misconduct allegations against Cuomo. I wonder if he’ll say something along the lines that one is assumed innocent until proven guilty, something that he and his fellow hypocritical, doubled-faced, vicious demoncrats didn’t have the courtesy of extending to now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

  2. I wonder how “drugged up” senile Biden will be…? -LOL

    You know they have to give him something to PEP him up, You guys must notice senile Biden ‘up/down’ performance when he reads the teleprompter/notes (aka; “deliver remarks)

  3. When asked about the positive imigrants entering the US he said send them back. Just one problem with that . Mexico is refusing to take back non-Mexican migrants.

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