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Video || Psaki defends massive Obama birthday party

Rules for thee but not for me.

Obviously, throwing yourself a 60th birthday party that includes several hundred people is not what the Biden White House has in mind in terms of Covid practices as the delta variant spreads.

But this if Barack Obama we’re talking about, Democratic hero and former Jen Psaki boss.

8 thoughts on “Video || Psaki defends massive Obama birthday party”

  1. Us ‘little people ‘ who weren’t invited have no problem or issue with this massive b-day party as long as each guest stays 6ft from the other, all are wearing masks, and no one blows out the candles on the cake. No dancing, no singing, no hugging, just observe all the Covid protocols.
    Fair enough?

  2. why would she even go there…stupid.
    Just say that Mr. Obama is a private citizen and has the right to throw his own party within the scope of the local law.
    But no, the symbolism once again is what matters, so they must find a way to massage the boo boo to make it look better for the MSM. And in doing so, they dig the hole even deeper

    These people make me ill


    1. LOL! My Seattle kids and grandkids are on Cape Cod….hope the “” Hank Tipover” doesn’t reach there! They’re Democrats but we love them dearly!!!

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