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Biden Schedule || Saturday, July 31, 2021

President Biden is at Camp David. He has no publicly scheduled events.


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2 thoughts on “Biden Schedule || Saturday, July 31, 2021”

    1. Yes, senile joe should read Rebekah’s “Putin’s Playbook”. It is an excellent book, an eye-opener. It’s amazing how it takes individuals like Rebekah who emigrate legally to the USA to appreciate and love America unlike so many of our own fellow citizens who denigrate, horribly bad mouth and have nothing but hatred for America. These people should live in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, Iran if they find America such a horrible place.

      By the way, senile joe won’t read rebekah’s book. His manipulators/handlers will make sure he doesn’t read it because they know Rebekah is a patriot who loves America and writes the Truth. Can’t expose senile joe to Truth …..

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