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Hunter Biden to critics of his art shenanigans: “F— ’em”

The White House and most of the press barely seem to care about this scandal, in which people can pay big money for amateur art and potentially influence a president.

According to Fox News:

Hunter Biden, the scandal-plagued son of President Biden, has choice words for critics of his high-priced art dealings

The younger Biden appeared Thursday on art podcast Nota Bene, where he responded to critics of his art dealings by saying “f— ’em.”

Hunter’s paintings are priced between $75,000 and $500,000, despite his lack of artistic experience, raising alarms among ethics experts.

“I never said what my art was going to cost or how much it would be priced at,” Biden told hosts Nate Freeman and Benjamin Godsill.

“I’d be amazed if my art had sold for $10, just because the first time you ever go about it is the idea someone is attracted to your art, let alone that they would pay something for it,” the president’s son continued.

Biden also said in the interview that the “value of an artist’s work is not necessarily determined by the price” and that said price is “completely subjective and has nothing to do with anything other than the moment.”

Now he’s an art philosopher too.

2 thoughts on “Hunter Biden to critics of his art shenanigans: “F— ’em””

  1. I like how this administration promises that there won’t be any tit-for-tat!

    How can I believe them when the boss is the Liar-in-Chief! They’re still trying to downplay his “I once drove an 18-wheeler!”

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