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Video || Rebekah appears on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” radio show

I had so much fun appearing with Sebastian Gorka on his radio show to promote my new book, Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America. He is brimming with enthusiasm, intensity, humor, and wisdom. I thought you might enjoy it.

Be sure to check out Seb’s website here.

1 thought on “Video || Rebekah appears on Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” radio show”

  1. I just saw the entire interview, Rebekah. You certainly looked like you enjoyed the interview as evidenced by the beautiful smile you exhibited thru-out the interview. Your description of Gorka was right on target!

    I’ve started reading your book and it is absolutely fascinating reading and an eye-opener. In my opinion, it is a must read to the average American who loves this country. I hope and pray the leaders of our country as well as other countries who treasure democracy read your book and form policies consistent with what you write in your book.

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