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Video || Biden confuses Obama with Trump

Totally understandable. Biden was Obama’s vice president. No reason he should remember him.

2 thoughts on “Video || Biden confuses Obama with Trump”

  1. Senility, senility, senility …however, he did correct himself … with time, as senility gets worse, he won’t even be able to correct himself. Putin (and China) are watching and assessing all of this … Putin must be laughing his butt off realizing that this so-called leader of the free world is no match to him. Putin can proceed with increased confidence and intensity in doing what he’s doing to weaken America.

  2. I can cut him slack for mixing the names, he corrected it fast.
    But no slack for his inability to speak extemporaneously, off the cuff.
    He is trouble with a script, trainwreck with out it.

    The press despised Trump but loved it when he took questions off script, as did he. I bet they miss those days.

    We shall see.


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