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Democratic border Rep. pleads with Biden for help as migrant Covid cases surge

“Our hospitals are getting full,” Rep. Henry Cuellar said Wednesday. President Biden is doing little to stem the stream of illegal immigrants flowing across the border, some of whom are bringing Covid-19. Others may be coming from places unknown, bringing weapons of terror. We have no way of knowing.

4 thoughts on “Democratic border Rep. pleads with Biden for help as migrant Covid cases surge”

  1. 30% of the migrants are refusing to be vaccinated. There is a 900% increase of border agents going positive. Plus Biden is flying these migrants all over the US.

  2. My sister, who is retired and lives alone, lives in the border town in TX mentioned by the congressman. It’s a town of about 260,000. I worry about my sister. There are too many illegals roaming around the town, many carrying the COVID virus. My sister lives about 1 mile from the river where MANY illegals can and do easily cross over now that evil and senile joe has opened the borders WIDE open. I fear for my sister’s safety. There are no doubt criminal elements crossing over. She can’t relocate because her only source of income is her social security. She won’t accept financial help from me. The only thing I can do now is keep her in my fervent prayers that God almighty keep her safe and healthy. I live in corrupt PA and I can’t travel because of my physical condition. But God is with us and ultimately that is the only thing we have left – faith and trust and love in Almighty God.

    1. No wonder you are concerned about your sister, so close to the border . I am not a religious person, but I will keep her in my thoughts and hope she stays safe.

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