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America begins to remind me the Soviet Union, the place I came from

From an article I wrote that is running today on the Fox News website:

Born and raised in a totalitarian state, I am intimately familiar with government spying on ordinary citizens. Recent revelations about possible actions surrounding government surveillance by the NSA took me back 30 years ago to a place that no longer exists, my birth country, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – the USSR.

In the course of daily life in the USSR, we assumed all our communications were monitored by the state. Back then, it was phone calls and snail mail.

Raised behind the Iron Curtain, I always viewed America as the land of freedom and justice—the exact opposite of socialism, an oppressive system of poverty and total government control.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed disturbing developments. I find myself worrying about what I say and to whom I say it.

In America, there are now “correct” opinions, those of the ruling class and polite society—just like the nomenklatura’s party line in the USSR—and what are called in Russian “incorrect” (nekorrektnoye) opinions.

Americans with views contradicting liberals’ ideological orthodoxy get fired, “canceled” by activists, banned from speaking on college campuses, and deplatformed by “Big Brother” aka Big Tech.”

You can read the rest of the piece here!

3 thoughts on “America begins to remind me the Soviet Union, the place I came from”

  1. Rebekah, I’ve never lived under the conditions you describe living in the USSR but, unfortunately, as you so well describe, those anti-American conditions are beginning to take root in the USA.

    I’ve seen numerous movies and TV series from Germany about East Germany under communism and the brutal Stasi organization that kept citizens “in-line”. I’ve seen enough of those films and TV series that I’ve developed a good feeling as to how it was living under those conditions. I felt so much for those people not only in East Germany but in the USSR and all Soviet controlled Eastern European countries.

    I often pray for my country, the USA, and I pray that the roots of these horrible Soviet style manner of running a country die and perish before they grow and bear their destructive evil fruits.

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