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Video || Biden to reporter: “You are such a pain in the neck”

This was to NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell, a veteran White House reporter, who had the nerve to ask Joe Biden about the Department of Veterans Affairs requiring staff to get vaccinated. Biden, who was hosting Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, had demanded only questions about Iraq.

Biden said he would be pulling combat troops from the country.

4 thoughts on “Video || Biden to reporter: “You are such a pain in the neck””

  1. Joe Biden calling someone a pain in the neck? He obviously doesn’t realize that he’s the worst pain in the neck “president” ever.

  2. More interesting is the lady who tries to shut up the questions and usher everyone out the door… I have heard her before… As soon as one question is not fluff, its a repetitious chant of ” ok guys, that’s enough, time to go, gotta go now…”

    and Biden smiles, as if he thinks he has done an admirable job.

    One can only wonder what comments world leaders make in private after meeting this feeble man


    1. I keep wondering who that staff woman is? She screams/shrieks at this useless, sycophant, weak-ass “WH press corps” when they try to ask senile Biden a question that is not already written down for him…

      Every time I hear her off camera I say; ‘there is the screaming b#tch…’ -LOL

  3. Isn’t this more proof that Biden is SENILE…?

    It shows senile Biden is prepped & given answers by his “handlers” anytime he is in public…because senile Biden does not have the brain power to go off script/think up coherent answers by himself. (notice the note cards he ALWAYS has in hand or looking at ANYTIME senile Biden ‘speaks’) :-|

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