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Excerpt from Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s cyberwar against America

There is an excerpt of my Book, Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Plan to Defeat America, running today on the Fox News Website.

From the piece:

Russia has the most sophisticated and destructive arsenal of cyber weapons of any foreign nation. In the hands of President Vladimir Putin, who ultimately controls this cyber arsenal as part of what is called the State System of Information Confrontation, these cyber weapons present a grave threat to America. Having been in the offensive cyber business for the past three decades, Russia has developed a set of potent tools that are superior in stealth, programming power, speed of attack and penetration of the adversary’s network, and creativity.

The Russian president’s toolbox rivals that of American cyber warriors, and Russia’s highly innovative cyber doctrine has given Putin the ability to outplay the U.S. government and manipulate American citizens’ attitudes and perceptions of reality. Comparing Russia’s cyber hacking tradecraft with China’s, another very capable cyber adversary of the United States, former CIA and NSA director General Michael Hayden said, “The Chinese have scale and the Russians have skill.” Former director of national intelligence James Clapper, referring to these countries’ cyber tactics, called the Chinese “loud” and the Russians “stealthy.”

You can read the rest of the excerpt on the Fox News website here.