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CNN Biden town hall loses to Fox, MSNBC regular programming

Adding insult to the injury of of a half-empty hall.

And note, people watching the news channels care about the news. But they still didn’t want to see President Biden.

This is not a minor thing. One of the most powerful weapons a president has is the ability to take their case directly to the people via the bully pulpit. Biden can still do that, but unfortunately for him, nobody will be listening.

According to the Daily Mail:

CNN’s exclusive town hall with President Joe Biden on Wednesday night was a ratings flop, and fell 83 percent behind Fox News’s regular programming, and also trailed behind MSNBC.

The president was speaking at a half-empty town hall in Cincinnati, with photos from journalists behind the cameras showing row upon row of unfilled seats.

And it seems that TV viewers were equally unwilling to watch the president.

Between 8pm and 9.30pm, CNN yielded just 1.46million viewers, compared to Fox’s 2.7million and MSNBC’s 1.63million, according to data from the Nielsen Media Research.

4 thoughts on “CNN Biden town hall loses to Fox, MSNBC regular programming”

  1. “Biden can still do that, but unfortunately for him, nobody will be listening.” Unfortunately for him but fortunately for us, the average hard-working, honest American who loves his/her country, the USA.

  2. Nobody will be listening? I beg to differ!

    Our enemies will most definitely be listening. And laughing their assets off, while figuring out how best to strike us where it hurts, and swiftly.

    They know that they have carte blanche to do their absolute worst to us, until November of 2022. And they probably also suspect, accurately I believe, that America will never be this historically weak, ever again.

    This is their last, best chance, to take us down forever. They know it, too.

    So, buckle up, friends and neighbors. The next year and a half are sure to be dicey.

  3. We all know there is a reason -lol… But I have noticed this White House is not really out there “advertising…bragging…talking about” senile Biden’s ‘daily schedule’.
    NO ONE in this useless “WH Press Corps” ever asks ‘schedule’ questions at hackey-Psaki daily bull-sh&t sessions.

    I did not know senile Biden was doing a “town hall” until that afternoon when I checked here -lol

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