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Biden Gallup poll approval rating hits record low

Six point drop in a month.

Biden’s got to figure out a way to keep people away from the supermarket. Or maybe he will tell supermarkets that listing prices is “misinformation” and stop them from doing it.

According to Gallup:

President Joe Biden’s latest job approval rating of 50% is down from 56% in June. Before this month, his ratings had not shown meaningful variation during his time in office, and the current figure marks the lowest measured for him to date.

The new rating is from a July 6-21 Gallup poll, which also finds that 45% of U.S. adults disapprove of Biden’s performance and 5% do not have an opinion. It comes at a time when U.S. progress in fighting the coronavirus has stalled, with vaccination rates slowing and case levels now rising. The economic recovery continues, with unemployment declining and stock market values near record highs. But consumers are paying higher prices for gas and other goods. Biden has also struggled to deliver on his promise of greater bipartisanship, although negotiations on an infrastructure bill continue in the Senate.

Currently, 90% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans and 48% of independents approve of the job Biden is doing. His ratings among Democrats and independents are the lowest to date among those groups. The new poll marks the first time he has less-than majority approval among independents.

8 thoughts on “Biden Gallup poll approval rating hits record low”

  1. Biden not only needs to keep voters out of the grocery store, but also from filling up their cars with gas! We’re almost at $5 a galloon in Southern CA!

  2. I wish I was back in TX. Here in PA, tax is $0.60 a gallon.

    And Teresa, I kinda like “galloon” better than “gallon”because it rhymes with “buffoon”, the guy whose policies are driving up the cost of gasoline! If I were a poet, i’m sure I could come up with a poem about a galloon of gas, it’s cost and biden, the buffoon.

  3. Team Biden proudly talks about their 82m votes… most ever, yak yak.
    So popular, competent, a uniter, blah blah.
    But peel back the first layer. At the highly praised town hall recently, only 1.75m viewers tuned in. Ok, its summer, but this is the Dem’s hero right now.
    IF we assume 100% of the viewers were Biden voters ( probably most were), that means that only 2% of the 82 million who voted for JB tuned in… 98% ignored it.
    How is that possible? and since some of the viewers were likely not Biden voters, it only looks worse, like 99% of JB’s crew did not tune in.
    Definitely a leader of the people.. yikes.


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