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Photo of the Day || Biden town hall had tons of empty seats

You would think a president, any president, could fill a hall.

But President Biden dramatically failed to fill a modestly sized venue in Cincinnati for a CNN town hall last night.

You wouldn’t have known it from CNN’s coverage, which made it look like the place was packed. But photos shared by White House reporters showed otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day || Biden town hall had tons of empty seats”

  1. No surprise here. The average American doesn’t think much of senle joe to put it mildly. Senile joe’s handlers/controllers had a small pool of avid supporters to “pre-select” from, hence the small crowd.

    On a related note, one which relates to the handling of senile joe’s economy, there was a FULL PAGE ad in the WSJ paid for by the JobCreatorsNetwork …. a beautiful ad!

    The Ad shows a good-sized pencil drawn cartoon of a laughing biden fixing his tie in front of a mirror. The reflection is of a laughing Jimmy Carter fixing his tie. The caption in huge letters is MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO’LL BE THE MOST ECONOMICALLY DESTRUCTIVE OF THEM ALL?

    The ad explains how senile joe is destroying our economy and declares that the democrats have created in joe biden Carter 2.0 with the potential to do greater harm than Carter 1.0

    Great … and truthful … ad!

  2. This is a good sign for 2022. Usually Cleveland and north Ohio vote for the Dems and Cincinnati and the south vote Republican.

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