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Video || Biden tells restaurant owner he is not paying his workers enough

Lunch Bucket Joe, huh?

President Biden doesn’t want to admit the lavish unemployment benefits he’s been paying are incentivizing people to stay home. So he tells a restaurant owner that he’s probably paying his employees too little, that $8 an hour plus tips is not enough.

If restaurants have to start paying tip earning employees $15 per hour, they will either close their doors or be selling you a $20 cheddar burger.

5 thoughts on “Video || Biden tells restaurant owner he is not paying his workers enough”

    1. Hahaha. Also, notice how Joe likes to talk about every incidental person in his family, like his former father-in-law from decades ago, in his effort to distract everyone from our current real life issues? EVERYONE except the consequential Hunter!!

  1. In contrast to President Trump, senile joe knows diddly-squat about finances, the economy or running a business. As a career, corrupt, low-intelligent politician, all he knows is how to BS about whatever the current demoncratic ideology for the day happens to be. Let the chips fall where-ever the hell they fall; it matters not if it’s harmful or induces pain or suffering. Dementia joe doesn’t care.

    As to the town hall mtg, i noticed the crowd applauded senile joe’s statement to the restaurant owner. My guess is the audience was carefully “pre-screened”. The restaurant’s owner reply to slow joe was not shown in the clip above; I’m curious as to what he said in reply. If “pre-screened”, he probably had nothing but praise for senile joe.

    As to the entire town hall meeting, my guess is that the audience was not only pre-screened but the questions vetted and given to senile joe before-hand.

  2. “Lunchbucket” has never created a job in his worthless life, except for Hunter. Joe has all the economic intelligence that his former boss Obama had, NONE!

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