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Video || Psaki refuses to call Texas Democrat DC trip a “superspreader event”

They fled Texas and came to Washington to spread the word about voting rights. Instead, they seem to be spreading the coronavirus, including possible to a White House official who despite being fully vaccinated just tested positive.

6 thoughts on “Video || Psaki refuses to call Texas Democrat DC trip a “superspreader event””

  1. I have no sympathy for these absconding Leftist-Democrats, they’re part of a group that worships the Chinese Communist Party. Any group of people who congratulated Xi, on the centenary of Chinese communism, deserves the Covid that China spread around the world. It’s highly probable that Biden’s “handlers” received help in overthrowing legitimate election results, and Covid helped them do just that.

  2. I really, really hate hackey-Psaki.
    And I especially despise this useless “WH Press Corps” for allowing her to spew her arrogant, useless ‘answers’ with no f—ing ‘follow up’ questions

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