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Utter mayhem at the US southern border

The crisis at the border is a nightmare in numerous ways, and President Biden has done nothing to fix it.

Vice President Harris finally went to the border, what about Biden? Does he even care?

According to the Washington Times:

The border crisis is worsening, undercutting President Biden’s early assurances that the chaos along the U.S.-Mexico boundary was just a seasonal blip.

The Border Patrol reported the most action in 21 years in June. Agents recorded 178,416 arrests, defying Homeland Security officials’ public predictions that activity at the border would cool off in the summer.

Perhaps more worrying is the surge of illegal immigrant children, which came roaring back after a lull in the late spring. The government last week caught minors at the border faster than it could release them from government-run shelters. As of Sunday night, the Border Patrol had more than 1,400 in its custody, the highest number in nearly three months.

Tuesday marked six months into Mr. Biden’s tenure. On just about every measure of mayhem, the border situation looks worse than it did on Jan. 20.

Deaths of migrants are up, and the numbers would be worse but for a record-setting year of Border Patrol rescues.

Seizures of the dangerous synthetic opioid fentanyl have set a record. Court case files are replete with stories of abusive encounters at the hands of smugglers. Agents also report a rise in dangerous high-speed chases as smugglers resist arrest.

“It’s as bad as it’s been in memory,” said Todd Bensman, a national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, who has just returned from a trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica to survey the flow of people headed north. “By every yardstick that exists, the border — and not just the border areas, but the interior areas now — are in crisis.”

7 thoughts on “Utter mayhem at the US southern border”

  1. Whatever the illegal immigrants think they will find here , the reality is nothing is what it used to be just one year ago. They have traded a life of poverty in their homeland for a new kind of poverty in a country that really doesn’t welcome them.

    With inflation hitting every consumer product, the familiar jobs in restaurants, home construction, lawn maintenance are gone. Long time residents have a claim on the jobs they are qualified to do, so there’s no work there for them.
    The worse thing to happen are the deaths of people not familiar with the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico , and Texas and how fast death comes there.

    1. srdem65, I respect your thoughts stated above but, if I may, I would like to provide an opposing point of view.

      But first, I do agree with you on some points, for example, there are unfortunately deaths on the desert, as well as death by vicious criminal elements in their midst and other causes. I also agree that inflation hits everybody, not just my fellow American citizen Patriots.

      i have, however, different thoughts on these illegals regarding poverty and that there’s no work for them.

      Because of welfare and other sources of free money and benefits, they will not be in poverty. Just to mention a few of the huge “free” benefits they will be getting; they will be well fed (charities, food stamps, etc), they will have free medical care (just show up in emergency rooms), etc, etc

      As to jobs, these illegals will travel (at our USA taxpayer expense) to illegal-infested neighborhoods in America. There, they will find relatives and/or friends who will support them and, even provide them with jobs. The long-time, well-established illegals hire, not Americans, but fellow illegals.

      The number of illegals already in the USA is huge. They have thriving businesses and will accommodate the newly arrived illegals with jobs, housing and other needs.

      Illegals currently keep pouring at record numbers into the USA thanks to america-hating biden and his enablers. Illegals know they have a hell of a lot more to gain than to lose. To many of them, it’s worth risking one’s life for the unbelievable gains they will get in America. All at the expense, not only of us the taxpayers but at the expense and at great damage to our great Nation.

      1. I agree with srdem65.

        Cesar Chavez, the labor leader for farm workers in CA, was very much opposed to the illegals coming to the USA and taking jobs away from residents. Why should the USA pay people to stay home and let the illegals take the jobs.? Brook Country, Texas is spending millions burying the dead they find on ranches. Also, the cartels are the big beneficiary to all of the drug and human smuggling.

        The USA can not take all the poor people of the world. Their problems at home should be solved there. The people can come but under the US’s term like what was done during the Ellis Island times. Many were returned then because they had TB or no job waiting for them.

        1. Panamajohn, I agree with you on all points. The USA cannot and should not take in all the poor illegals from around the world into our country. i agree the problems should be solved in their home countries. Immigrants can come into the USA under our terms, that is legally and should be refused entry if they don’t meet our requirements.

          It is true that many years ago Chavez fought against illegals taking over farm jobs being handled by USA citizens of latin descent.

          I remember Obama saying when he was first running for president that illegals should not be hired because they drive down wages for Americans.

          How times have changed.

  2. But, but , but…. Isn’t VP Harris handling this? After her quasi visit to the border, after that day, has ANYONE asked her about it and has SHE uttered a word about it.



  3. Many from the world are coming via the Darien. Panama has spent about $7 million on them so far. Panama has asked the USA for help.

  4. With the border crisis, inflation, lack of law & order, the growing Hunter Biden (Joe used a private email to send government info to Hunter) scandal, and the likely Republican takeover of the house and senate in 2022, Biden may resign for health reasons before he can be impeached, tried, and removed.

    Considering this scenario, I think the President could have survived his self-induced Hunter Biden scandal IF he had kept the populace happy with the Trump policies, but as people see their quality of life diminished, they will have little tolerance for Joe after the 2022 election.

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