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Biden says US most divided it’s been since Civil War

President Biden is apparently seeking to unite us by invoking the Civil War and blaming Trump for our divisions.

He spoke at what was supposedly a get-your-vaccination event in Raleigh, North Carolina:

The third reason I was running [for president] was to unify the country. Well, folks, it’s never been as divided as it is today, never been as divided as it is today since the Civil War. And folks, it’s such a waste of talent. It’s such a waste of time. And the rest of the world is looking at us. The rest of the world is wondering, can we really lead the world again? The last four years have been devastating to our leadership around the world.

Biden also said it was initially harder to convince Blacks to get vaccinated because, “They’re used to being experimented on.”

2 thoughts on “Biden says US most divided it’s been since Civil War”

  1. I agree the country is divided politically like I’ve never seen before, this speech doesn’t seem to help unite either. So much for trying Joe!

    I thought former President Trump did a great job. This current guy not so much.

  2. Biden must have picked up the word “folks” from Barry. I think it’s so condescending. Sleepy Joe’s policies, or the policies of those who tell him what to say every day, are “devastating” due to his so-called “leadership”.

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