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Majority now believes Covid-19 emerged from Wuhan lab

Most people now agree with Donald Trump and with what was formerly scoffed at as a conspiracy theory, that the Covid-19 virus came from the virology lab in Wuhan China.

Even many Democrats concur.

According to Fox News:

Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, today a 60 percent majority believes COVID-19 was created by scientists and leaked from a lab in China, according to a Fox News survey. That’s nearly double the 31 percent who think the pandemic started naturally.

That majority is largely comprised of 79 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of independents who blame a lab leak. Forty-one percent of Democrats agree, while 46 percent believe the virus evolved from nature.

No direct scientific evidence has been made public that conclusively proves either perspective.

Half of voters (50 percent) believe coronavirus has permanently changed the way Americans live, while 42 percent think the change is temporary. Just 6 percent think the pandemic didn’t really change things much at all.

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